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We are a OHCQ and DDA licensed Agency provider here in the state of Maryland. We provide services in Central Maryland-Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard and Harford Counties, and Baltimore City.

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I have been working with

I have been working with universal pro care for six months now I’m 29 years old I’ve been disabled pretty much all my life at the age of 21 right out of high school. Universal has done more for me then both their predecessors in the years combined in six months of working together they have dedicated employees listen to the goals of their clients and their love and determination are best fit for their client.

They also have dedicated employees who not only do what they say they’re going to do but do it in a reasonable timely manner. With Universal Pro Care Inc., they do what they say they’re going to do, and they showed me a part of myself that I thought essentially figuratively speaking had died. This has helped me to regain trust in these companies and Meg and my job coach have helped me to re-discover who I really am.

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